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Special exhibition "Bigger Than Life. Ken Adam's Film Design"

Sir Ken Adam (1921-2016) was one of the most important production designers of the 20th century. With his style-defining sets, the Berlin-born designer has written film history. Adam, whose family had to leave Berlin in 1934 and emigrated to London, first enrolled at the Bartlett School of Architecture. During the war he was employed as a fighter pilot by the Royal Air Force. By chance he was commissioned to design a film after the war. Subsequently he worked with outstanding designers like Oliver Messel and renowned directors like Stanley Kubrick, Robert Aldrich, Jacques Tourneur and István Szabó. Above all, his name is linked to the design of the James Bond films, whose sets bore his signature from the very beginning. He was responsible for a total of seven Bond films.
For more than fifty years he has worked on nearly one hundred film projects, two opera productions, a multimedia project and various exhibitions. Ken Adam has received many awards for his work, including the British Academy Film Award, six Oscar nominations and two Oscars. In 2012, he entrusted his extensive artistic oeuvre to the Deutsche Kinemathek, including 6,000 graphic designs, numerous photographs, letters and awards such as his two Oscars, as well as research material on individual film productions. Source: Berlin Film Museum


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