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Touring exhibition "Hans Bayer - War reporters in World War II"

Hans Bayer was a member of one of the Wehrmacht's propaganda companies between 1941 and 1945. He mainly reported on the war on the Eastern Front and witnessed National Socialist war crimes and violent crimes. After 1945 he reinvented himself and became known to a wider public under the name Thaddäus Troll as a literary figure, journalist and Swabian "poet prince". The exhibition traces Hans Bayer's war experiences and gives an insight into the reports he wrote. In addition, it describes the tasks and activities of the propaganda companies in exemplary fashion. It showed Hans Bayer's scope for action during the war and how he used it. It also illustrates how the writer, who was so successful after 1945 and did not talk about his war experiences throughout his life, was influenced by his experiences as a war correspondent. Source: Topography of Terror


Topographie des Terrors, Berlin




250 qm


Stefan Blaas
Daniel Finke
Studio SML
Lena Roob
Margaret Warzecha
Sven Michel


Stiftung Topographie des Terrors


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