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Touring Exhibition "Fascination Piano Worlds - Beyond the Mainstream"

Extraordinary, interactive and of high quality - this is the exhibition "Faszination Klavierwelten - Jenseits des Mainstreams" (Fascination Piano Worlds - Beyond the Mainstream), which was shown for the first time in August this year at the festival "Rarities of Piano Music". Its content focuses on a piano repertoire that is significant from a cultural-historical point of view, but can still rarely be heard in concert. "Faszination Klavierwelten - Jenseits des Mainstreams" is conceived as a travelling exhibition. The special feature of this exhibition is its architecture, which does not consist of text panels and showcases, but of a 9 x 4 metre room that can be set up in a foyer or in a separate exhibition room. The colour of the room is black and white, similar to that of a concert grand piano. The exterior walls are equipped with text information, photos and QR codes, and the interior of the room offers the opportunity to take a seat and listen to selected music examples. Source: Fascination Piano Worlds


Schloss Husum




100 qm


Daniel Finke
Stefan Blaas
Julia Wolf


Stiftung Nordfriesland


exhibition design
execution planning
exhibition graphic
media planning
media programming
Architectural services LPH 1-9


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