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Permanent exhibition "On the Görden - Prison in Brandenburg"

The permanent exhibition "Auf dem Görden" shows the history of the prison Brandenburg-Görden under National Socialism and in the GDR on approx. 180 m². It introduces the reform penal execution of the Weimar Republic. At the end, the exhibition takes a look at the prison system of the present day. During the Second World War, the prison on the Görden was used as a place of execution for the judiciary, where over 2,000 death sentences were executed. The former execution site of the Nazi judiciary belongs to the Brandenburg-Görden prison memorial. It is located in the security area of the Brandenburg an der Havel penitentiary. Source: Brandenburg Memorials Foundation


JVA Brandenburg an der Havel




220 qm


Stefan Blaas
Daniel Finke
Valentina Torrado
Studio SML
Lena Roob
Sven Michel
Margaret Warzecha
Christian Niccoli
Susanne Benzing


Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkstätten


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